Hawaii is beautiful, magical and a home for many pristine beaches and natural beauties. It is the charisma of this place that attracts thousands of couples every year to tie a knot. You must have seen many wedding magazines before deciding to celebrate your big day in Hawaii. They display the delightful pictures of Hawaii beach weddings, some soulful shots from Hawaii vow renewals ceremony and other Hawaiian cultures and traditions. All these sights can make anybody fall in love with the Hawaiian weddings. The beach weddings in Hawaii hold a different craze as these are handled a bit differently from weddings elsewhere. But, there are a lot of things to consider before setting your imagination on the ocean.

So, for all those who are thinking about getting hitched in a beach wedding, do check a few things before going through different Hawaii wedding packages. The Hawaii beach weddings might sound interesting but there many things that are needed to be considered prior to any final decision. Below are discussed some of those major highlights.

What Kind Of A Hawaii Beach Wedding Are You Looking For? Public Or Private?

Although all ocean beaches in the U.S. are open to the public but in case you want to have them as a private gathering place then you have to start your search early. There are possibilities that you may find a private property on a secluded beach with owners who are comfortable hosting events in their space, which is pretty close to private. To make your beach wedding happen in Hawaii, give yourself lots of time to explore and yes, be prepared for many rejections as well.

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Do You Want A Ceremony Or Reception Or Both?

It is very important to figure out what kind of Hawaii beach wedding you are looking for. There is a big difference between a ceremony and a reception so make sure what would you like to plan on a beach. The permits and ordinances vary according to your gathering. In general, it is always better to have your ceremony on the beach and the reception at a place that is fully equipped to handle the party. You just have to make your mind accordingly.

How Much Accessible These Hawaii Beach Weddings Are?


No doubt, beach weddings sound interesting. The very thought of getting married with your toes in the sand might look attractive but don’t you think it can be difficult for the ones attending your big day. Beach can add a layer of difficulty for your guests. So you have to look after all additional accommodations so that no one misses out your wedding.

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Weather Considerations Are Important, Don’t Ignore Them

In the case of beach weddings, season and weather matter a lot. Obviously, you don’t want half of your venue to be suddenly disappeared and be unavailable. So be assured of all these things before finalizing any of the Hawaii wedding packages.

Couples! Just don’t get flown away with imagination. First, inquire well and then plan your weddings in Hawaii.